Guest Post by Josiah Okheape

You’ll never make the most of your Christian walk if you are not devoted to the walk.

This is because, consistency is key to achieving all things. whether in this physical sphere or in the spirit realm. There are no shortcuts to the top in any field.

I love this quote from my mentor, he says;

“If you are always seeking the easy way out in life, watch it because; you may soon be eased out of life.”

Constant fellowship with God, will automatically result in strange victories in life. off course, you may already know that. But here’s the question, how are you devoted to your fellowship with God?

Is meeting with God personally on a daily basis optional to you? Have you found a new Love in chasing after the world and all its Lust? Is what to eat, drink, wear and where to live replacing God in your heart?

This week I’ll review with you a very short book (26 pages). Titled ‘Developing Your Devotional Life by Peter Tan‘.

The author in this book unveils; What it means; What it takes; and How you can develop a devoted life to God.

Now, are you among those who know little or nothing about what Devotion to God truly means? Then you need to read this book.

Actually, some persons think it is engaging God in the early hours of the morning to fulfill all righteousness. Some consider it as bedtime prayers.

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While some take it as reading a book that contains some scriptural references, authored by a renowned Pastor and so on. Well, there’s more to learn about it; than all of the above.

Devoted to God

Our author through this book explained what it takes to live a devoted life. More like what it’ll cost everyone who must engage in it.

You should have this at the back of your mind; everything of true value, has a great cost. If it was cheap then it wouldn’t be a problem worth talking about.

However don’t get scared before reading the book. Every of God’s command, always comes with sufficient grace to engage.

Wisdom most of the time, talks about the ‘How’. The Bible tells of the aimless labour of the foolish man; because he didn’t know how to apply what it takes.

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You may have a different schedule from your friends, family members, and work colleagues. But there is the how to apply the lessons you’ll learn from this book to boost your our devotion to God. It’ll begin from the points where you accept responsibility.

Devoted life

You can live everyday at its best. Actually, that’s God’s intent for you and me. But the grace available to walk that realm is in the knowledge you have.

You can get this book free online. But make sure you don’t save this as one of your books. Just ensure you read it and pass it to your friends and loved ones.

God bless you.

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape who is a Book Reviewer for Kingdom Book Reviews a very informative and inspirational website. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Josiah thank you so much. Blessings and Peace.


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