Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for me on the cross. Thank You for offering up Your sinless life as a sin-sacrifice for me, and thank You Lord, for setting aside Your heavenly glory and coming to earth as a Man, to live a perfect life so that You could willingly give that perfect life as a ransom for many, to pay the price for all the sin of the world, to pay the price for all my sin.

Lord, at times I realise that I have become too familiar with the story of Good Friday and Easter morning without taking to heart the deep and significant meaning of the cross, without fully coming to terms with what it must have meant to the Father to send His only begotten Son to die on a cross, for a rebellious race of fallen sinners, and what it fully must have meant to You, Lord Jesus to be despised and rejected by those You created and to be mocked and nailed to a cross, with men taunting and blaspheming the One, Who in love, came to rescue them from eternal separation of the Father.

Give me I pray, a deeper and fuller understanding of what the cruel cross at Golgotha cost the Godhead, so that sinners, such as I, might be saved by grace through faith. Give me I pray, a new perspective of the cross that I have never understood before and develop in me a godly awe and reverend wonderment, of all the cross should mean to me, a sinner saved by grace, through faith in Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I found this prayer at Knowing Jesus.


  1. And Amen again! Amber, yes we all need this prayer, not just today but as a constant reminder that it is at that old rugged cross that we need to look and remember what Jesus accomplished by His sacrifice for us. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week—Blessings and Peace!


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