Guest Post by Josiah Okheape

Everybody benefits from Fasting, and Christian can always double the effects of these benefits both spiritually and physically.

My review is on a book titled “How to Fast Successfully” by Derek Prince.

My goal is to show you some beautiful benefits of this act through this book.

Jesus in his sermon on the mount from Matthew 6 showed us a clear similarity in the operation of Prayer and Fasting. You should pray at fixed times and also when prompted by the Holy Spirit. So also with fasting. You should have fixed periods to fast and also when prompted by the Holy Spirit.

In the same passage, we learn that prayer should be done individually as well as collectively. The same with fasting; you should take out time to engage both personally and collectively with either family, spouse, or church.

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Why should you put yourself through fasting? Is it really a necessity, since Jesus paid the price for our sins? Well, before you ask any further questions. Scriptures show in Isaiah 58 ten valid benefits God has promised to every child of God who engages Fasting according to his will.
They are:

Light; Health; Righteousness; Glory; Answered prayers; Continuous guidance; Satisfaction; Refreshing; Word that endures; and Restoration.

You can imagine all these blessings. But don’t run off yet into a fast without an objective. Aiming at nothing will produce no results at the end of your fast. You must plan and prepare to make the most of a fast. Like deciding what spiritual book to read, or what desires you intend to communicate to God in prayers.

Looking at scriptures and various objectives that drove God’s children into a fast we find the following;

1. Humility

This was one reason to engage a fast. A show of surrender. The truth is God has instructed man to be humble, but He would not humble us if we choose not to humble ourselves. Fasting helps to humble the flesh. The flesh loves to think of itself, but Fasting humbles the flesh and gives the spirit autonomy to direct it.

2. Pray

Another objective of Fasting is to pray. God can answer your prayers without Fasting, but Fasting helps to humble the flesh and elevate the spirit to receive from God. You should set out time to read the Bible and pray in a Fast.

Every time you overeat, you automatically reduce your physical energy. Your body takes up extra work when you eat more than you need. This extra work is in digesting food. During such an instance, your body can’t do what needs to be done, as a greater proportion of your energy is absorbed into digestion.

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Most people plan to carry out a fast, but never carry out such plans. Why? Their minds are not made up. Before Fasting, it is very important to make up your mind that you’ll go through with it.

Then of course while in the fast, you will feel hungry as expected. This is because the stomach operates by habits. In about an hour, you probably won’t feel this again. Another way to do it is to fool your stomach by taking water.

If you are new to fasting, it is natural that Fasting will expose certain problems–physical or spiritual. Whichever aspect the problem arises from, seeking a solution is most important, either from a higher spiritual authority, like a Pastor. Or the expert advice from a Doctor.

simple guide to fasting as a christian

During a fast, it is both wise and safe to consume purified water. It helps to flush your kidney and generally clean the body. Rest is good for your body. Periodically, it is necessary to rest voluntarily than to be compelled to rest. Combining fasting with rest gives your spirit and stomach ample opportunity to rest.

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Finally, subjecting the canal nature is the only guarantee for the Holy Spirit to operate freely. Your spirit is either a slave or a master. He is leading or being lead and whoever leads, your spirit or your flesh defines the outcome of your life.

When you regularly practice Fasting, you serve a notice to your body-affirming the charge that, “You don’t control me, I’m not subject you. You are my servant, you obey what the Spirit of God in me declares I have to do”.

Now you can tell me on the comment box below, how this has been of help to you. Adding to that which you may already have learned.

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God bless you.

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape who is a Book Reviewer for Kingdom Book Reviews a very informative and inspirational website. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Josiah thank you so much. Blessings and Peace.


  1. Yes!
    I completely agree, my brother!
    I recently rediscovered fasting as a credible and possible resource for the 21st century Christian. Holy Spirit lead me to start focusing on it.

    I have seen things I have longed for over YEARS start to change and grow beautiful.
    God is a BOSS. 🌷


    • Amen Strawberry 0043. The same here. Whenever I turn over my plate and turn to God—things change and our discernment increases. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings and Peace!


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