Are you finding it difficult to write your business homepage? Are you grappling to find some formation?

If so, might I suggest you stop writing line after line with no since of direction and apply the tactics below.

The first thing you need to do is split up the section your customers see first, into three different subsections.



Should be a positive headline about the benefits of using your product/service. Right here is a good opportunity for a tagline about what you do.


This subheader should touch on the clients’ pain points and why they need to be proactive about it.


Lastly, a subheader touching on why your product/service will solve the client’s problem.


Then be sure to observe the layout of your writing. The flow should go from positive, to a negative, and then again back to positive.  This construct begins to draw your reader in.

The next important step is to include a call to action button at the bottom of each subsection it is like the hook on the line of your favorite fishing rod to reeling your reader in just a little more once you’ve got them hooked.

The remainder of your homepage can include whatever you select. It could be testimonials, and about section or links to your social media and/or a newsletter signup.

Please don’t clutter it. An overly busy and complicated homepage turns a prospective customer off to the twenty-fifth power.

These simple steps might help you get your homepage formation a lot clearer in your mind and more customer focused which is most important.

We hope this is helpful to you in some small way…Until next week blessings and peace!

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