Imagine being so desperate to get away from an abusive situation that you stage your own suicide. Yet still, live in fear of an abusive ex-boyfriend tracking you down and stealing a son he never knew he had.

This is exactly what Katie (Victoria Barabas) did and now she’s on the run with a son, Danny (Jack Fisher), who wants to know why she never talks about his father. He grills his mother who tries to cover up the truth by saying his dad, Nick, is on a secret mission overseas.

Katie begins having flashbacks remembering while working at an art gallery, how she met Nick (Gino Anthony Pesi) who she reluctantly went out with, and the horrible things he did and said. Her mother is concerned about Katie living like a criminal on the run.

Unknowing to her mother, Nick is following her—shows up at her house unexpectedly and forces his way in. Nick then finds a picture of Danny and takes the envelope with a forwarding address on it.

Meanwhile, Katie meets Lucas (Jake Allyn), a very kind man, to who she confesses the entire truth; as she debates leaving town now that Nick knows where they are.

Will Katie pack up and run again or stay to face and conquer her forthcoming fear? You will just have to watch the movie to see.

This is a movie that deals with real problems that occur more than we chose to deal with. Yet there comes a time when we all have to face our demons and it is in that moment when we either stand or run. Hidden In Plain Sight is a movie about abuse and what lengths some people go to in order to avoid a confrontational situation. It also shows what negativity comes from getting involved in illicit affairs. The storyline has quite a bit of predictability; which, somehow diminishes what the director is trying to portray. However, the story does drive the point home, that running does not solve everything. And all the fake id’s in the world cannot hide you from the truth. Your secret sins will find you out.

Originally released in 2019. Hidden in Plain Sight is 87 minutes, is rated TV-14, and can be seen on Netflix. However, be advised that some scenes are somewhat explicit for the younger crowd.

Director: Stacia Crawford.
Writer: Jed Seidel.
Stars: Victoria BarabasGino Anthony PesiJake Allyn.

We give Hidden In Plain Sight

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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