Encountered a woman on Thursday, who was not what she appeared to be,
The spirit of the Lord was with her as she sat next to me.

Her soul was of marvelous wonder and curious appeal;
But outwardly her appearance was peculiar, to some unreal.

Others found her quite eccentric, thought she would do them harm.
Have our days on this planet made our spirits so lukewarm?

And blind, lest we forget,
That we’ve led peculiar lives and held our cups of regret.

She reminded me of the Baptist in the wilderness shouting, “Repent!”
Beware when entertaining strangers for we know not who GOD sent.

If your spirit is not discerning, knowing what’s good or bad;
You might just miss a blessing that for you alone GOD had.

*Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others,”
If your minds be as Christ, all are sisters and brothers.

**And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.”
Not criticism, laughter, snide remarks and smirks.

To be like GOD is to be love and not to be is also your own choice,
But throwing stones from your glass house is not the way to sound your voice.

For GOD does not see as we see, He judges by the heart alone;
Perhaps now it’s time to use spiritual wisdom and forget the physical we’ve known.

*Philippians 2:4
**Hebrews 10:24

© c.f. leach, 1996. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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