“Sometimes the heart is the hardest soil.”

Synopsis: An aging military chaplain and a young girl from a troubled home join forces to plant a miracle garden touched by God.

Packing up memories and moving from his home, Eddie Nichols ( Jeremy Cumrine) is driving a truck with his wife’s urn on the passenger side in a seatbelt. On the road he passes an advertisment that says, “In despair? Jesus is your hope.” He pulls into a trailer park and walks into his rented home—looking in each room. Sitting in the livingroom, he goes through different boxes and one box has a bible wrapped in plastic which he throws on the floor and says, “God I need a miracle.”

A stranger knocks at the door who calls him ‘homey’ then gives him his grandmother’s blessing stick—a worn out baseball bat and tells him “Merry Christmas.” To which he replies, “It’s not Christmas!” That seems to be the common salutation around this park which makes no since to Mr. Nichols. As he goes to empty the garbage, he looks up to heaven and says, “Anytime Jesus.” Then the next thing you know, his truck is repossessed!

He’s living in a trailer park of forgotten misfits. While drinking a cup of coffee, that same bible he threw on the floor Eddie now puts in the microwave; turns it on—then goes outside to survey the backyard where he sees soil in the midst of the grass…thinking he could plant a garden there. While going back into the house a neighbor says, “Your Jesus is missing.” Referring to a Nativity scene he found in his explorations. As he searches his heart… Is Jesus missing from his life too?

He befriends a little girl named Hope (Kyriana Kratter), who thinks she’s a ghost to her stepdad. So he knights here as a real child.

Since he can’t plant a garden in his backyard, according to Mr. No, the trailer park manager; he decides to plant it across the street where he’s told it’s toxic and nothing will grow there. With determination, a neighbor’s bicycle and wagon, he loads his tools to prep the ground for a garden. Spoiler: What his neighbors don’t know is the first garden Mr. Nichols planted was in Vietnam to put on the bodies of fallen soldiers. Unknown to Mr. Nichols he is being closely followed and observed by Hope.

Upon revealing herself, he begins telling Hope the story of “Creation” from the Book of Genesis. She helps him in the preparation of the ground and also goes on a mission throughout the trailer park to find out what type of problems each one has. While all of this is going on they are ever under the watchful eye of some of their neighbors as well as Hope’s faithless mother.

Some of the seeds they plant are for the neighbors problems. He planted “the Word of God in people who need it” and with each seed his wife’s ashes—his way of letting her go. Then he and Hope prayed the Lord’s Prayer over that garden… Does Christmas finally come? What happened to that bible in the microwave? You will just have to watch the movie to find out the end results.

The Healing Garden shows that no matter who we are, sometimes in life we all question our faith in God. But what matters is what we do in those moments that determines who we truly are in Christ. If we perservere with whatever seeds of faith we have, God will surely give the increase. We may never know what God has planned, but if we follow His plan we are sure to find out. This is a faith-based film interwoven with scriptures, warmth and a little comedy. Not only does it celebrate the healing of familes and communities through faith. But also, touches on important topics such as marriage, a child’s need for a caring family, love of this country and our veterans,

Originally released in 2021, The Healing Garden is 95 min and is rated TV-G. Can be seen on Prime Video, Tubi and YouTube.

Director: Joseph Granda.
Writer: Joseph Granda.
Stars: Jeremy Cumrine, Sam Del Rio and Dan Foote.

We give The Healing Garden

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you’ve ever been weighed down by a loss in faith, by grief, hurt, abandonment or despair. This movie will show you that all hope is not lost and you can get back on the path to restore your faith in God and humanity.

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