“Caring for someone is not a burden, but a blessing from God.”

Synopsis: Nominated for the 2016 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture (Television); For the Love of Ruth is a film about a young woman who spent the majority of her childhood going from foster home to foster home. Until she meets Naomi, who shows her what a real family is, and what unwavering faith in God can do.

For the Love of Ruth is a modern-day spin on the Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi. Naomi Marashond (Loretta Devine), a widow, loses both her sons in a freak construction accident. They were trying to save others from the rubble when they got buried themselves.

When her daughter-in-laws, Opal and Ruth (Denise Boutte) decide to stay with Naomi; who is determined to go back home to Savannah—she tells them they are still young and need to go on and live their lives. Opal is somewhat bitter because she does not understand how Naomi can still believe in God after all her losses, and decides, at Naomi’s advice; to go back home. However, Ruth refuses to leave Naomi, as she is the only family Ruth has ever known and is not well.

When they arrive in Savannah, Naomi gets home only to find the locks changed not able to get in. She knows this is the act of her brother-in-law Stephen, who blames her for his wife’s death and turning his brother against him. They wind up in a motel where Naomi manages to work out a deal with the manager and Ruth is practically penniless.

The turning point in the film occurs when Ruth is out seeking employment and sees BKM Farms advertising “looking to hire” on their company boxes. Only to find out that BKM Farms belongs to Braxton Kennedy Marashond (Gary Dourdan) who is a cousin to Naomi. He is not a people person because of lingering hurt from a bad relationship. At Naomi’s prompting, Ruth goes to the farm and fills out an application. Upon Braxton reading the application he calls her in for an interview and she tells him of Naomi’s plight.

Braxton then goes to see Stephen (James Pickens Jr.) requesting he give Naomi the house back, but the request falls on deaf ears. To ensure Ruth and Naomi don’t mess up his business plans, Stephen buys all the rooms in the motel they’re staying in forcing them to the streets.

When Braxton finds out that Stephen is “on the warpath”, he decides to put Naomi and Ruth up in his guest house, with round-the-clock nursing care—Naomi is ecstatic.

Will Ruth find her Boaz? Will all of Stephen’s evil attempts fall in on his head? Will Braxton open his heart again? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

For the Love of Ruth was released in 2015 and is 80 min. Can be seen on Tubi.

Director: Christine Swanson
Writer: Rhonda Baraka
Stars: Denise Boutte, Gary Dourdan, Gary Weeks and Loretta Devine.

We give For the Love of Ruth

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

For the Love of Ruth shows that inspite of how bad your circumstances may be or how much in life you lose…If you have steadfast faith in God—All things will work together for your good. No matter how big our problems, God is bigger still! And unconditional love with unshakeable faith, trumps evil every time. This is a must see—an encouraging film for all.

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