Talked with my oldest and dearest friend today
She’d just buried her precious brother.
Then she spoke of a vow
She’d promised her dear mother

To take care of him and see to his needs
As she stayed on her knees and began to plead
That he would come to Christ
Which was the ultimate price…

Yet her mother had gone on to Glory
But this was just the beginning of her story
While conversing we shed many tears
As we traveled the battles we’d fought thru the years…

Yet in all the crying she was still…
Doing the Master’s will
As she was able to give God praise
Testifying how He raised…

Her faith and strengthened her even the more
As He began to build her faith and restore
Everything she needed in that hour
And how He showed His mighty power

Her brother’s soul was saved when he closed his eyes
Of that, she had no doubt with her head to the skies
She was very thankful—her heart was touched
The Lord loved them both so very much…

In a time when she was lost, hurt and confused
Had no idea which way to go or what to do
Yet still reminded me that obedience was the elemental key
Whenever you desperately needed to see…

God’s hand move where real miracles DO abound
In His wonders to perform, He never fails to astound…
Us as a reminder that He is near and always there
In a moment of our thoughts with no one else, we can share

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

*A dedication to my dear friend Romenthia Fitts.

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