“They could take our house. But they could never take our home.”

Synopsis: Nominated by the 2006 Online Film & Television Association for Best Motion Picture Made for Television, Our House is a story about a wealthy Beverly Hills widow who needs a family and a homeless woman who needs a family and true love.

Ruth Galloway (Doris Roberts), a lonely widow living in Beverly Hills, is haunted by happier times and the fear of a cancer relapse. When all of these thoughts begin to pummel atop her head, she tries to take her own life. Yet in the back alley of her home just as she falls and begins to pass out—she is saved by a homeless woman. This homeless woman is mistakenly arrested. And when Ruth refuses to press charges, her daughter signs her name anyway.

She will not relinquish trying to do a kindness for this homeless woman, who she finds name is Billy (Judy Reyes). But Billy has the mind set that she doesn’t need anything or anybody. She’s had some trauma in our own life that is hard to forget. Finally, after worming her way into Billy’s life, Ruth decides to take Billy and her homeless friends into her home.

As her snooty neighbors observe this transformation, they decide to file a court injunction against her. Which could cost her to lose everything. Yet in spite of the trouble, she has found a renewed purpose and joy that she thought was lost in memories of days gone by. So instead of hiring her high powered attorney daughter, Ruth decides to hire an attorney who has been aiding the homeless for six years.

The back story is that of a daughter who is so self absorbed with a career that she has no relationships in her life at all except for her job. She is so blind by ambition that she cannot see the love her mother bestowed on her and sacrifices her mother made through the years so she could find her place in life. And right now all she wants is for those homeless people to get out of her mother’s house and go back where they came from and to take over her mother’s trust before all the money is gone.

Ruth has a closer relationship with her son, Paul (Jeffrey Marcus), who understands her better and has more in common with her than she even knows.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s lawyer and Billy begin a romantic relationship, but this romance is put on hold when Billy finds out that Ruth could lose her case. Billy and the others sneakily leave in the middle of the night because they love Ruth and don’t want her to lose her home. The next morning Ruth discovers them gone—goes in search for them and finds them. They try explaining why they left because they didn’t want her to lose her home. She tells them it was not just her house, but their house. Convincing them to come back home and eat breakfast.

She helps her homeless friends find jobs and get clean from drugs while finding their purpose. They all genuinely appreciative and love her for what she did.

Will Ruth’s cancer resurface? Will she lose her court battle? Will her daughter finally figure out what a mother’s love is truly about? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

Our House was originally released in 2006, is 90 min, can be seen on Direct TV and Tubi and is rated TV-G.

Director: Mark Griffiths
Writer: Michael Lach
Stars: Doris Roberts, Judy Reyes, and Ellen Geer.

We give Our House

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Our House is a very heartwarming film that is true to the scripture “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40) This film is a breath of fresh air. And also reminds us of what is really important in life. To love one another regardless of rank or race and that family is what you make of it and where you find it. Home is where true love abounds. This is a movie everyone needs to see.

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