“Miracles are God and God is forgivenenss.”

Synopsis: An inspiring true story about one mother’s quest for hope and a cure when doctors discover her daughter has a rare terminal disease.

What do you do when your child is complaining of being in pain and episode after episode you take her to the ER only to be told she’ll be alright—when as a mother, you know, there is an underlying problem the doctors have yet to diagnose? This is exactly what happened to the Bean family. A frustrated Christy Bean (Jennifer Garner), is in need of answers to help take away her daughter’s pain and dilapidating condition.

At the opening of the film, we find the family in church. Where Pastor Scott (John Carroll Lynch) demonstrates that you can wear a helmet or use an umbrella to protect yourself from external storms. But there is one thing you need to protect you from the storms of life that you cannot see—faith.

After the Bean family hosts the church’s Sunday Barbeque, their daughter, Annabelle (Kylie Rogers), gets sick so they take her to the hospital. Then after a series of disappointing diagnoses, they go to a third gastroenterologist in hopes of getting to the root of Annabelle’s problem. This time the misdiagnosis is her being lactose intolerant. In the middle of the night, they are off to the ER again where the doctor on call says Annabelle has acid reflux. His diagnosis places him in a hornet’s nest of an argument with a mother who refuses to leave the ER and requests another doctor to run tests on her child.

“Why do you think God hasn’t healed me?”

When the head of the hospital’s pediatrics appears, his findings were Anabelle needed emergency surgery as she had a blockage in her intestines that needed to be fixed immediately. After the surgery, he tells Christy and her husband, Kevin (Martin Henderson), that Annabelle has a disease where she is unable to digest her food and there is no cure. Then refers them to Dr. Nurko (Eugenio Derbez) in Boston who is foremost in handling these kinds of cases. For now, Annabelle will have to eat through a feeding tube. She asks her mom “Why do you think God hasn’t healed me?”

In her frustration, Christy goes outside to talk to God…”Are you there? Do you even hear me? Because I don’t hear you.” Talking to Kevin she tells him they need a right now solution too and he tells her they’ll get the solution by not losing their faith. To make matters worse her faith is further derailed by some accusatory church folk who are so far in left field concerning their family and Annabelle’s condition that Christy walks out of the church with the intention of never coming back.

In a desperate move, Christy takes Annabelle to see Dr. Nurko without an appointment. After flying all the way from Texas to Boston, she can’t seem to get past the receptionist, because the doctor has a nine-month waiting list. But, while eating in a local diner they meet a waitress, Angela Bradford (Queen Latifah), who sees Annabelle is sick and offers to take them on a tour of the city—Annabelle really enjoys the aquarium. Christy gets a call and there is an opening where they can see Dr. Nurko.

After running a battery of tests, he confirms what the Pediatric doctor told them and wants to try Annabelle on a new FDA-approved treatment. But after no apparent improvement, Dr. Nurko told Christy the treatment was unsuccessful and was sending Annabelle home to die.

Back in Texas, Christy is again on the phone trying to get Annabelle another appointment. Annabelle’s sister takes her outside to play and they climb a tree. And suddenly Annabelle falls 3 stories inside this hollow tree. Hours pass and people are praying at the bottom of the tree.

Will Annabelle survive the fall? Will Christie get her faith back? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

Miracles from Heaven was originally released in 2016, is 1 hr and 49 min, and rated PG. You can see it on YouTube and Prime Video and you can also purchase the DVD on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Director: Patricia Riggen
Writers: Christy Beam(book) and Randy Brown(screenplay).
Stars: Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, and Martin Henderson.

We give Miracles From Heaven

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is a powerful story about healing, family, love, faith, and hope. If you’ve lost your faith…this is a movie that will help you find it and pick it up with a stronger resolve. Miracles from Heaven teach many lessons on perseverance, unseen blessings, and the fact that there is a God who knows and loves us, even when we think and feel like He doesn’t. This is a must-see film for your Movie Night.

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