Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. (1 Peter 2:17 NKJV)


Thought for the Week: We are to give honor to whom it is due, according to the place, station and circumstances they are in, the gifts of providence and grace upon them, and helpfulness they entail, whether they are Jews or Gentiles, rich or poor, believers or unbelievers. Loving your brethren in Christ, who are born of God, are members of Christ, and of the same body, and have the same spirit, belong to the same family, and are of the household of faith, regardless of nation, or circumstances of life. Finally, we must have a reverential fear of God, the new covenant grace of fear; which is cultivated by the goodness of God, has that for its object, and is increased by the fresh instances and discoveries of it; and which shows itself in a reverential affection for God, a strict regard to his worship and ordinances, and a carefulness of offending him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we only have to look to the church at Ephesus to see how easy it is for Christians, both individually and corporately, to leave our first love and to allow the love that we had for You and for others, to wear thin and to grow cold. Father, forgive us for the way that we have allowed this to happen throughout the whole Body of Christ, which has all too often become a place to criticise our brethren or slander others who do not think exactly as we do.

Revive us Lord, and may the love that so permeated the early church, where we discover that Christians loved in thought word and deed, begin to spread once again throughout the Body of true believers. May we return to a time when love within the Church of God begins to shine forth, as we become salt and light to a needy world.

Forgive us Father, that our love for You and the Lord Jesus has worn so thin. Rekindle a fire of love that sweeps through the Church today, so that in the essentials of our faith we may have unity, in the inessential things we may display liberty, and in all areas of our Christian life may we demonstrate true godly love. In Jesus’ name we pray,

*Prayer from Prayers for Love.

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