Beyond the Darkness

“Because without God, life just doesn’t make any sense.”

With all the positive reviews; I was curious to see exactly what Heaven’s War had to offer. And I must admit, it was definitely a different Christian film in that the ingredients where a cinematographer’s dream with biblical context woven through each storyline.

Synopsis: Because of his reputation of goodness and no compromise, rising political star Jonah Thomas has trouble waiting on him in this realm and the spiritual realm of which he has no idea. After a terrorist explosion, Jr. senator Jonah Thomas (Jason Gerhardt) finds himself trapped between two worlds. And wakes up finding himself in a battle of epic proportions. Somewhere between life and death—Heaven and Hell. While government agents and terrorists fight for his life in one world, angels and demons wage war for his soul in another.

The movie opens with Ephesian 6:12… For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We find the angel Gabriel (Donny Boaz) in the heavenly realm allowing a prophecy to drop onto Aubrey’s (Kelly Patton) face, in the form of a raindrop. Out of her sleep she wakes to a vision of Jonah being the last man entering a hotel room, behind three men—Then a great explosion follows. She does not see the outcome, but is fearful that Jonah dies in that explosion.

Although Jonah’s experience is the main story—There are three subplots: Terrorists building pipe bombs to kill the senators who have endorsed a cancer injection. Jonah’s mother (Barbara Williamson) in the hospital dying; yet holding on to her faith. There are also problems within Jonah’s family—his wife and daughter no longer feel loved or appreciated. However, woven throughout the storyline are some good moral lessons and Christ’s love for us and our need of forgiveness.

Unknown to these senators who are meeting at the hotel, Senator Baker (Joe Estevez) is setting them all up for a fall. Despite the FBI’s presence, the terrorist manage to infiltrate the hotel and plant the bombs. Jonah’s wife tried to keep him from going in to work at all; telling him about her vision. But, of course, he wouldn’t listen. On his drive to work, angels show him all kinds of signs to prevent him from going in to the office but Jonah would not stop.

As a last minute decision, he goes to meet with these three senators at the hotel. Gabriel protects him from the blast’s impact and Jonah is lying unconscious on the floor while taking a spiritual journey with Gabriel who shows him what’s happening in the heavenlies; while Gabriel fights to keep him out of the clutches of Satan and his cohorts. In a conversation Gabriel tells him, “Each word and action ripples through eternity.”

Meanwhile, his wife and daughter visit his mother in the hospital as the terrorist is going through the rubble making sure everyone in the explosion is dead. Will Jonah survive and recognize his true Savior? Or will he perish before help arrives? You will just have to watch the movie to find out.

Heaven’s War (Beyond the Darkness) was originally released in 2018; is 114 min and can be seen on Prime Video and is available on dvd and blue ray at and

Director: Danny Carrales.
Danny Carrales.
Stars: Jason Gerhardt, Donny Boaz, and Kelly Patton.

We give Heaven’s War

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Heaven’s War is a special effects phenom. Especially the panoramic shots of the “spiritual realm.” Although there is an air of predictability concerning the battles between the angels and demons. The actors do a great job of carrying their parts. The subplots resolve smoothly. This film emphasizes Christ’s undying love for us, how each of us needs forgiveness and also stresses strong moral elements. We would caution adults there is intense violence and different scenes that could be disturbing for younger children. Would suggest 16+ for this film.

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