“In God’s economy there are no coincidences.”

Synopsis: Thomas McKenzie has been searching for true love his entire life and finds himself in the middle of two women. A single mother with a wonderful young daughter and a wealthy woman who offers him a glimpse into her extravagant lifestyle. He learns that the love he is searching for is not where he thought it would be.

From his childhood, Thomas McKenzie (Justin Ray) started making a list of all the attributes his “perfect” woman would have to have. He even has a painting he did of her. So far, he is still alone and searching. All of his relationships, until now, have been fruitless and unsuccessful because his list is entirely too long and much too subjective.

Hope Sanchez (Christine Juarbe) walks into his studio needing someone to take pictures at a book signing for her. As the conversation progresses he finds out Hope doesn’t like baseball, which automatically placed her on the “no” list. But he does agree to do the photoshoot for her.

As he enters his family home, he notices his mother and sister doing their “happy dance” which signals to Thomas that his mom has set him up on another impossible blind date that he really doesn’t want to stick around for. Until he answers the door and sees that it is Hope— now his attitude changes to curiosity.

Thomas, Hope, and her daughter, Grace (Brie Duplechain) seem to be getting along rather well until…During the photoshoot at the bookstore, in walks Desiree Sinclair (Claire Bermingham), who looks exactly like his painting. She asks him to take photos of the home she is about to put on the market; because he has a good eye. When he gets to her house, in a poolside conversation, he finds out she also has a list. After seeing his artwork, she asks if he would consider painting her portrait, which is one of the things on her list. She then asks Thomas what he really wanted to do and after hearing his answer said he was dreaming too small. Then offers to introduce him to her friend Mason (David Scott Lago), who can help him get to where he needs to be. They go to a party where she introduces him to Mason. When she drops him off at his place, she kisses him. The opportunities Desiree is offering him are very tempting, but the more things he gets involved with concerning her, the less time he is spending with Hope and Grace. And what he doesn’t know is that Hope has been carrying a weight of guilt after losing her husband three years ago and is starting to feel like Thomas is going down that same path.

To make matters even worse, Hope goes by Desiree’s to let her know that she cannot publish her book because of its contents. While there, she sees Thomas in a compromising position and hurriedly drives off.

Things get so out of control he has a conversation with his dad who really gave him what for and told him the first relationship he needed to be in was with God. Will Thomas choose Desiree or Hope? Will he go for the world or for true love, the thing he’s been searching for his entire life? You will just have to watch the movie to get the answer.

Originally titled False Hopes, About Hope was originally released in 2020, is 91 min, with a suggested rating of 18+. Can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Director: David D. Dietrich.
Writer: Cyndi Monroe.
Stars: Justin Ray, Christine Juarbe, and Claire Bermingham.

We give About Hope.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Recipient of the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 18+, About Hope, is an entertaining Christian romance/comedy/drama hybrid with an engrossing plot full of unexpected situations laced with a lot of truth. This is a film we can all relate to that not only shows us how unexpected true love can be. But also how important it is in following God no matter where you find yourself.

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