“The end of the road is where faith begins.”

Synopsis: Recommended as a “Must-See Christian Movie” by Woman’s Day Magazine and The Dove Foundation. Winner of “Most Inspirational Feature Film at the Hollywood Divine Film Festival. Heavenly Deposit is a faith-based film of a true story about George Vincent, who as a boy lost his father and thus lost his faith in God. Determined to take matters into his own hands. He finds himself carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders until a divine experience changes his life. And he can’t deny the power of God.

Distraught because he can’t seem to find any roles as an actor—Peter Ranos (George Vincent) digresses into happier memories of his father and the things they shared and did together. Reflecting on his father’s sudden death…”I never understood why God let that happen. But it changed my life forever.”

Fast forward—It is the year 2009 and America’s financial stability is bleak with unemployment stats even worse. Peter spent a year looking for acting jobs while his wife, Ellie (Kristina Denton), worked as a stylist at the local beauty salon. Now all of the madness is starting to fall on Peter’s hard head. Ellie is pregnant, they are broke, and the sad part is Peter refuses to tell anyone the truth about his financial situation and the lies keep crashing in on his head. Every time Ellie tries to tell him about the pregnancy something keeps getting in the way. In that year, Peter refused to take a minimum wage job thinking his “big break” would save the day.

There is no food in the fridge and no cream for his coffee. Peter goes to the supermarket where his credit card is declined twice. He tells the cashier he has money in the car. But when going to the parking lot he sees an image of his father at a table with a sign that says, “God Loves You.” While sitting in the car his mom calls telling him she has some food for them and to come by. She gives him the food she cooked and some money. But he’s still lying saying everything is okay.

He gets a call for an audition but when he gets into his car it won’t start so he takes Ellie’s car instead. Leaving the audition discouraged, he sits in the car and finds a “Notice of Default” from the bank under the car seat. And they only have seven days to raise the money to pay the bank. Running out of options, Ellie suggests a yard sale to which Peter agrees and tells her they will need a permit.

Meanwhile, Peter starts placing some theatrical props and household items online for sale. He then goes to a broker with a rare coin and his father’s stamp collection — loses his pants in the deal but takes the broker’s offer out of desperation.

Peter is so absorbed in himself that he doesn’t even notice Ellie’s symptoms of her pregnancy until his best friend brings the possibility to his attention. When Peter asks Ellie to take a pregnancy test she confesses her pregnancy and that she is not sure she wants to bring a baby into the world with all their pressing problems. She asks him to pray with her but he refuses and tells her, “It’s you and me—we got this.”

He goes to see his mother after Ellie told her their dilemma. His mom donated some things to their yard sale and also gave him money to help with the mortgage payments. She tells him, “I know you don’t believe, but I will pray for you.” In the interim Ellie receives a phone call at work from the bank that had some very unsettling news. And informs her boss she has to leave…

Will Peter find a job? Will they lose their house? And finally, will Ellie have the baby? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

Originally released in 2019, Heavenly Deposit is 102 min can be seen on Prime Video and IMDb TV.

Directors: Rick IrvinGeorge Vincent.
Writing Credits: George Vincent
Starring; John SavagePeter JasonBarry Van Dyke, and Kristina Denton.

We give Heavenly Deposit

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you’ve ever misplaced or lost your faith in God. This movie will show you just how much God loves us and what He will do to get that point across. Even when you have misplaced your faith and think all of the doors are closed. He still shows us that He is faithful.

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