Sometimes life deals us unexpected blows which are hard for us to deal with. Today, just trying to live in some sort of normality is even a challenge. You have to come to a place where your faith is fortified and no matter your environment, you believe. When you lose faith in God, you limit your existence. In whatever area of your life you choose not to believe, are the areas where Satan has free course to traffic. Your faith in God’s ability must be greater than the circumstances you are trying to overcome. May this prayer bless you in some small way.

God, my Fortress, there is a war in my mind right now. Your Word tells me to surrender everything to You in prayer, and then You will give me Your peace. This precious promise is why I cry out to You now. My mind is a battleground right now, and I need Your protection. I am begging for You to quiet all voices except Your own. Let Your voice be as clear as the birds singing at dawn. Place a wall around me and fight for my mind as I seek to follow after You. I surrender my all to You. Please guard my heart and mind through Christ Jesus, and make my mind Your stronghold. Lead me out of the battle into Your safety. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

*Prayer from

The LORD bless you, and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.’ (Numbers 6:24-26)

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