“No, I don’t think much of religion. Sooner or later they’ll all be exposed as hypocrites.”

A pastoral friend and I were having a conversation the other day. And the adage arose, “never say what you won’t do” as she expounded on her reasons for not judging people, I was reminded my mother used to say that to me all of the time growing up. But she would say, “Never say what you won’t do in this life.” Have you ever done a wrong thing for the right reason? Given a particular set of circumstances you never know… Whether your actions are right or wrong only God can judge.

And this is what our main character Constance Anderson (Julia Parker) is about to find out. A little over thirty thousand dollars is missing from the church donation safe. It’s got to be an inside job. Who could possibly do a thing like this? So they decide to call in a faithless detective, Bill Broadly (Vincent Duvall); who believes all Christians are hypocrites anyway. To him, anyone in the church could be guilty, even the pastor! Since everyone has access to the safe, Broadly intends to get to the bottom of this; even if it means rustling a few feathers. He is so sure he’s going to find the culprit…

A sloppy accountant who has a tendency of misplacing money and losing documents. Jerold (Lorenzo Lamas), an ex-felon, has found purpose as a church custodian. A church secretary whose daughter is about to lose her house. A member of the congregation with money problems. And Pastor Stevens (Robert Sisko), who has some hefty medical bills. Who’s the culprit?

In the midst of this investigation, Bill is introduced to Constance’s unstable daughter, Brenda (Kelsey Sanders), living at home with an attitude. Her other daughter, Julie (Erin Bethea), hiding out from an abusive husband with her two kids. What is a mother to do? Does a mother’s prayer really change things?

Detective Broadly discovers the guilty party and in the process finds the love and forgiveness of God. This revelation perpetuates an unexpected miracle. But you will have to see the movie to find out all of the answers.

This movie was originally released in January 2014 and is 99 minutes. Can be seen on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV.

Director: Kevan Otto.
Writers: Kevan Otto (creator), Kevan Otto and André van Heerden.
Stars: John RatzenbergerLorenzo LamasJulia Parker.

We give Grace of God

What I grasped from this movie is you cannot judge people by what you see. Because what you see may not be what it is. God can change a man’s heart by unusual circumstances. This is a movie that will really make you take a look at yourself!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the film. Thank you for stopping by. I always try to find movies that are not only interesting but will help us to self-improve our postures as they relate not only to us, but also to others. Blessings and Peace!

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