by Nelia Crane

Meet Me at Our Secret Place—God is a collection of personal messages received and penned during times of meditation and prayer by Apostle Nelia Crane. A mighty woman of God with an amazing testimony of faith. In the Introduction the author asks “Please consider these writings as a glimpse into the life of a minister, and an over the shoulder glance at the personal relationship and conversations of the minister with God. These messages are not intended to establish doctrine or to apply personal prophecy to anyone else’s life. However, my hope is that by reading these messages you too will hear the personal voice of the Holy One, who loves you and desires to meet you too…”

I found that the 65 devotional messages with their own unique titles reminded me of a spiritual buffet that is set before you. These prophetic messages you can relate to on one level or another. And it is simple to take what delicacies you need to aid in finding your purpose and destiny.

Such spiritual delicacies as:

  • The Law of Impartation – “Heaven has been looking for someone who will simply believe and be for love’s sake.” God will strategize for you when you keep looking for ways to bless others without exalting yourself. (pg. 45)
  • As the Waters Cover the Sea – “Others are walking a parallel walk with you—unfamiliar, but totally blessed. They will also choose what is right because of My very strong beacon within them. They cannot fail even though their minds want to convince them otherwise.” (pg. 51)
  • Kingdom Keys – “Obedience is the key to order. Order is one of the keys to peace and prosperity. Trust and love are the other keys.” (pg. 53)
  • Seed Calendars – The idea of a seed calendar is one I’d never heard or thought of. But after reading that particular chapter found it to be a novel and effective idea. “Remember sowing seed without focus is like driving by a place and tossing seed out of the window without taking note of where you tossed it or what seed was tossed.” (pg. 55)
  • Extending the Scepter – “Joy is God’s delight at His side. Times and seasons are in God’s domain—they flow according to His command. He then defines the Four Winds: When the east wind blows you will receive insight to prosper. The north wind is a sign of warfare. It always indicates minds at war. The west wind announces change. Time for building anew. The south wind is a wind of refreshment—a time of rest and restoration. (pg. 63)
  • Steps to Success – Here God’s definition of success is knowing His plan for your life and walking in it to completion. (pg. 68)
  • The Gospel of the Third Day Millenium – “Change is coming. World events will cause a sharp shift in the economy as God causes wealth that has been hoarded up to shake loose as from a world-wide piggy bank. (pg. 72)
  • The Double infinity – When we lift up God — those who He draws He reveals to them who He is, and shows them who they are. (pg. 91)
  • Building Your Soul and Your Character – Mercy and truth pour in to wash away old mindsets that inhibit growth and abundant life that God has always wanted for His beloved. (pg. 93)
  • <<Caution>> Approaching Judgement-Free Zone – “…practicing true revelation means yielding to love completely which is the only way to be transformed into My image.”

There is a chapter entitled “I Missed It Please Forgive Me” that is a prayer of confession that will prick your heart and really make you think. And at the book’s end is “Confession of Identity” which strengthens and encourages your heart. There is also a notes section for any revelation you might receive while reading the book.

We give Meet Me at Our Secret Place—God

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This book is an easy read at 109 pages. It is scripturally based for the person with an open mind and open heart. If you’ve ever had one of those days where you were at the crossroads of your life and weren’t sure which path to take for your destiny and purpose. You will find some very good life lessons and there just might be a few nuggets in this book that can help you along the way, You can purchase Meet Me at Our Secret Place—God at Amazon.com.

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  1. “There’s a room within your heart
    That only two can share.
    It’s a secret place He’s made for you
    To meet with Him in prayer.
    And though your conversation
    May be heard by many more,
    The LORD comes to the secret place
    To know who the prayer is for.”
    3rd verse to “When You Pray” by c.a.post
    © 1999

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