Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss on tomorrow! Anyone who knows how to read has read Dr. Seuss’ books indeed. As we welcome the first day of March. Let us find joy in that Spring is on the way, as we turn our clocks forward an hour; when Daylight Savings Time rolls in. The one celebration that is foremost in everyone’s mind is St. Patrick’s Day. Although we eat corn beef and cabbage throughout the year it is still our family’s favorite dish.

Did you know there are 346 celebration days in this month? There are sixty-one just today! So you’ll have to pour out that box of Lucky Charms and pick the ones you want to celebrate. We’ll just list a few. This entire month is National Reading Month, National Color Therapy Month, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, Irish-American Heritage Month, National Music in Our Schools Month, Red Cross Month, National Women’s History Month, National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and Trisomy Awareness Month. For the complete list, you’ll have to pick our four-leaf clover.

For you reading intellectuals, the first full week of March is “Read an E-Book Week” then “Tolkien Reading Day” on March 25th. The ebook I’ll be reading is Man of Sorrows King of Glory, by Jonty Rhodes. When it comes to Tolkien What is Your Middle Earth? For the consummate writer, we have World Storytelling Day on March 20th and National Write Your Story Day on March 14th. I’m sure you gamers will be looking forward to Mario Day on March 10th—I still play that vintage gem every chance I get. Finally, for all the cookie lovers let’s not forget National Girl Scout Day on March 12th. I’ll be looking for those chocolate mint thin cookies.

Now on a more serious note. With all that’s happening in the Ukraine, we need a World Day of Prayer, which would be inclusive of a National Day of Unplugging, National Good Samaritan Day, and National Hug a G.I. Day. The month of March also marks the Continental Congress’s ratification of the Articles of Confederation and the founding of the United States Peace Corps. Let us remember American Citizenship Day which helps us to always hold our freedom and democracy in a place of honor and not entitlement.

A little March Trivia: Why did Lewis Carroll label the rabbit in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the March Hare? Since the rabbit had to appear “mad”; according to the English idiom, “Mad as a March Hare” is derived from the observed antics, said to occur only in the March breeding season of the European hare. When the rabbits and hares are said to go mad. So this is why Carroll named him “March Hare.” Who knew?

For the month of March, we pray it brings peace, prosperity, good health, happiness, and success to all families around the world. We pray a blessed month to everyone who reads this. And most of all, we pray that God would usher peace into this entire world.

Happy March to you all. Blessings and Peace!


  1. When I was teaching, we didn’t have a curriculum to follow (we were a tiny private school) so I used to do a holiday almost every day. I would find something to read, some work to do, some arts and crafts. I usually made everything that morning, but the kids loved it. One of the very first was Horse Appreciation Day in Turkmenistan!


    • Thank you so much for the information and for stopping by. Turkmenistan huh? So, basically, you’ve had a creative streak ever since you can remember. You are so full of surprises! Again, thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits. Blessings and Peace!

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