For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous;
With favor You will surround him as with a shield.
(Psalm 5:12 NKJV)

Thought for the Week: One of the characteristics of God is while He punishes the wicked He also gives favor to the righteous. While He brings just punishment to one, He gives His favor to another. And as a shield is swung around or set before a warrior during battle to protect him; so will God encompass the righteous with His protection—protecting them on every side. As David felt he could trust God in his time of trouble and danger; likewise all those who are righteous can put their trust in God now. ‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus and to take Him at His word.

Prayer: “Lord God, let me never forget all that you do for me on a daily basis. Sustain me with the hope of my salvation and the other countless blessings you provide with your continuous presence in my life. Lead me to live my life in testimony to your incredible blessings, that your love may be known and experienced by all those I serve, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

*Prayer by Chaplain Rick Jones

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