Certain junctures of life feel like a lost ship for a time
And at best the voyage is all but sublime

Every time you began seeing light at the horizon’s end
The waves push you back again and again…

Until you abandon ship sinking deeper than any rabbit hole
Where the storms of life begin to unfold

As you bravely fight swimming back to shore
Grappling for those memories you have no more

Catching your breath your feet find solid ground
Yet standing here only senselessness is found

Amidst the confusion, disillusion, and hurt
The unknown keeps you like a sentinel on alert

In search of the direction in which you need to be
Alas! Through life’s storms, you can finally see…

The compass you feared to be lost
Is no longer wavering and tossed

But straight for True North, it is aimed
While you call upon His Holy name

The ship drifts back to the beach’s edge
With clothes soaked and feet dredged

You climb back onto the ship’s ladder headed for higher ground
Off the mad shores, you are northernly bound

Your ship is finally sailing on the right course
For through those crashing waves you can now hear His voice!

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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