Is the Gospel Enough?

“Remember when we first started all we did was preach the gospel.”

Synopsis: Guy Sides, “America’s Youth Pastor,” realizes he is stuck in a Christian mega-church marketing machine and decides to renew his passion for helping others to discover what faith in Jesus is all about.

On a cross-country Youth Ministry trip, Guy Sides (Thor Ramsey) realized how his assignment got absurdly out of hand when a marketing idea quickly replaced the ministry idea. And he finds himself at the crossroad of decisions and chooses morals over marketing. This decision came shortly after his pastor devised a scheme to draw a bigger crowd for Good Friday.— A real crucifixion and Guy was to be the sacrifice! Things really start getting out of hand when an overzealous teen volunteers when Guy absolutely refuses and Pastor Sides is now trying to figure out a way of saving the teen and the church.

Pastor Skip (Michael Monks), Guy’s tie-dyed T-shirt-wearing pastor, was so busy trying to devise ways of getting people into the seats that he forgot about the Savior. Add to this Pastor Skip’s matchmaking hijinx for his daughter Carla (Erin Cahill) with this praise team soloist (Joey Fatone) who must come from the land of far far away and an unexpected surprise that takes Guy back down memory lane to a place in the past he thought was resolved and forgotten. The only voice of moral reasoning amidst all this confusion is Chad Chase (Stephen Baldwin) who makes Guy think and as you watch, you start wondering exactly who Chad Chase is. Although somewhat eccentric, he seems to be all-knowing and ever-present. Is he an angel?

Will Guy save the teen? Will Pastor Skip find the right path again? You will just have to watch the movie to find out. (Hint: The ending will catch you by surprise!)

You will find the storyline swirling in a celluloid stew that some may find amusing, some may find insulting and others may find just needs seasoning on all parts. But, Christianity, Jesus, the Bible, and God’s Word, are upheld. The point driven home is how, although satirical, this movie gently portrays the director’s interpretation of the character types in megachurches, and what happens when the marketing and merchandise for sale in a megachurch overshadows the message the church is supposed to be communicating concerning God’s word. Because the “Good News” is more than enough.

Originally released in 2021. Church People is 96 min is rated 10+. Can be seen on The Roku Channel, Tubi – Free Movies & TV, VUDU, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, UP Faith & Family, or Apple TV on your Roku device.

Director: Christopher Shawn Shaw
Writers: Thor Ramsey, Bob Sáenz, and Wes Halula.
Stars: Thor Ramsey, Erin Cahill, and Michael Monks.

We give Church People

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This parody, Church People is the story of real people with relatable everyday struggles and their different paths to discovering what true faith in Jesus is all about. In this stew you will find forgiveness, sacrifice, faith, prayer, and family—-those ingredients we need on this Christian journey. And no matter the bells and whistles, the foundational principle of the body of Christ is to never lose sight of the message of Jesus as the best way to help others see His light.

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