All things are possible
when you believe
Even from the icy hand of death
you can be retrieved…

For it is written
and I lived to see it
The miracles of old
Now I can be it

A walking testimony
for all to see and hear…
Yes, it is by His hand
that I’ve seen another year

Escaped a death sentence
given to me in 2008
Yet here I stand as living proof
you just have to be patient and wait…

Through prayer and faith
for He who holds the power
When you think all is lost
will show you in that hour

Where you found no answer
that made any sense
When all was so meaningless
and life’s situation too intense

Because in the chaos unknowingly
you were in the arms of a Saviour
Who showered you with mercy
and granted you divine favor

In a time you thought
you would never live to see
He gave you a way of escape
by healing you completely.

All things are possible…

© c.f. leach, 2021. All rights reserved.


      • My old brain slips a cog every now and then, so I did not remember your dx until I looked at the blog again. 🤠
        I am praising Father that you are still around, as I delight in reading your daily verses and sometimes the historical lessons you bring.
        As a friend once noted to me, though, we are all terminal! Hallelujah, we’ve got a better Home to go to whenever the time comes!
        ❤️&🙏, c.a.


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