Life is so precious
Take it one heartbeat at a time
Sometimes we’re so restless
Especially while in our prime

We must work while it is day
For there is no substitute
Once gone away
Did we obtain our pursuits?

Or did we leave them in a flurry
On a dusty and obscure shelf
While with each beat we were in such a hurry
Seeking fleeting fame and obscured wealth

While that thief called time
Came and went in so many different ways
We never settled in our minds
While walking through the haze

Of deceit, false happiness, and lies
Stumbling on a path seeking—what to do
The reality is before our very eyes
“If I coulda woulda shoulda” now gives the clue

As we reflect on the time we spent
In this race called life
We start to sincerely repent
For all the wasted time of indecisions and strife

When to get our focus it was simply one way
Never get distracted from the beat of His heart
Kneel down—seek His face and always pray
Then from that beat in your life, you’ll never lose your part.

© c.f. leach, 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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