Everybody is writing on the Internet today—it is not uncommon. However, now the question is not “if” you write on the Internet, but “what” are you writing and how often? The increase in blogging posts and an assortment of online diaries are phenomenal. This is due to the amount of writing people do no matter the topic—be it a personal blog, opinions, or that technical writing staple some of us love so well. Out of this cornucopia of information comes the question of how successful you are at writing your posts? No matter what you are writing there are some factors that will assist in making your posts stand out from this cyber plethora of Internet writings.

View Your Article Like A Classified Ad

Most Internet surfers have quite a short attention span. You must understand that the article you pen has to immediately grab their attention. Which is an essential constructive piece of writing you will find most effective. Make the post brief and interesting. You do not need to write long dissertations or explications—people’s attention spans are short and they are looking for the bottom line. You must catch and maintain the viewer’s attention quickly while getting them the information they find essential.

Use Sub-headings

This is the golden key to the quick distribution of information. Search engines allow many articles to be found based on the keyword. You will be able to organize the information you provide by using many subheadings. Most viewers prefer reading articles that are well organized and further broken down into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.


I cannot begin to emphasize the importance of proofreading! This is the most important tip you need to hold on to if you intend to successfully post articles. I have read so many misspelled and grammatically incorrect posts that become so confusing and frustrating that I will go to something else. And that is the reaction of most readers. A simple “run-through” or a “read-through” as I like to call it with spell check is a good starting point. But this should not be the only method you use to check your work. I also use Grammarly as my proofreading friend. When reading through your post aloud you’d be surprised how helpful that becomes. it is a writing necessity to make sure your post is flawless!

Market Your Article

You could have a post that will change the course of human history. But if no one reads it, you might as well leave it in the corridors of your mind. To get the maximum exposure you need—your name and posts must get out there so readers can find them! Post it to as many places as you can. And make sure that you link it to your site. This will give your post momentum and increase the number of hits. Remember—the wider the distribution—the higher your posts will rank on search engines. Whether you know it or not your article is more than just a piece of your writing; it is a means of marketing your ideas and your site.

Seek Out As Many Formats As Possible

Take the limits off yourself and don’t just stay within the realms of blogging or posting in forums on websites. To evolve from merely a post into a successful piece of writing, you must get published everywhere! With all the unlimited electronic resources out here such as “how-to” websites and ezines, it will be quite inexpensive for you in the long run. It only costs you the time and energy of sending an email to publishers of these sites. Many of these publishers send out articles to a list of email subscribers. The best advertisement is word of mouth and what better way could there be to get your name to so many people?

These tidbits should help you with succeeding in your posting endeavors. Always remember—nothing beats a failure but a try. And you must be consistent in trying new approaches. Until next week—keep pecking those darn keys!

May the Blessings of the LORD be with you today and always. Thank you for your continued readership and support.….Blessings and Peace! 

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