As we see June in our rearview mirror, today is the first day of July. How swiftly time is flying. So pull out your pens and calendars. Would you believe there are 119 holidays this month—you can circle them all, but you’ll have to let your cupcake look a little further for the sweetest ones to celebrate. We are only going to list a few. On the first day of this month let’s celebrate National Family Reunion Month.

This entire month is Cord Blood Awareness Month, Family Golf Month, International Group B Strep Awareness Month, International Zine Month, National Anti-Boredom Month, National Family Reunion Month, National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and World Watercolor Month.

July 1st is also a day when all those who celebrate Canada as their home and native land celebrate Canada Day. To all of you, gamers out there don’t forget July 8. That’s National Video Game Day! For those who feel the family is important and need less time with video games; there is National Cousins Day, National Parents’ Day, National Aunt and Uncle Day, and National Father-in-Law Day, Then all of these relatives can get together to celebrate the centerpiece of this month—The Fourth of July, Independence Day In the face of these new socio-economical changes, we need time to reflect what the true meaning of our nation’s independence is and all the lives that have been lost to protect it.

A little July trivia: Massachusetts was the first state to declare July 4 an Official Holiday. Although the holiday wasn’t made an official national holiday until 1870, the state of Massachusetts has recognized the holiday since 1781. Several months before America won the Revolutionary War, Massachusetts declared the Fourth of July an official state holiday.

I pray that happiness is at your door. May it knock early, stay late and leave the gift of God’s peace, love, joy, and good health. And may God always be before and after you this month and beyond. Happy New Month! Blessings and Peace!


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