Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith Andrew Wommack [Summary]

Guest Book Review by Josiah Okheape

Book Cover_Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack

Main Summary: Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack is a book that strives to give the average believer a simple understanding of what Grace and Faith are; and their application in receiving from God. It also explains the errors in blaming God for our responsibilities as His children.

Lessons You’ll Learn From This Post

1. What Faith really is.
2. What Grace is.
3. Erroneous beliefs that must be debunked
4. Hinderace to receiving by faith

Most times as believers we are in the mix, between what God has done and our limitation to receiving. However, an in-depth understanding of what God has made available and what I have to know and do to receive gives me an edge in living the victorious Christian life.

What Faith Really Is

According to our author, Bible faith, is simply man’s positive response to what God has already provided by grace. It is not about God giving you anything, rather you learn to receive.

Grace has made all things that we desire available. Faith seeks to receive out of the abundance of the grace God has provided. It is not trying to get God to move or do a new thing.

As an example; resisting the devil requires that you understand that God has no hand in your suffering. And has done all things to aid your dominating the devil. It is with this understanding that you get angry and demand what’s yours.

The attitude of the person who is relying on what God has already done and a person who is trying to get God to do something is different. The difference is Faith. The first is trying to receive what has already been done. And the other is trying to get God to do what he has already done.

What Grace Is

Grace is not something that is going to happen. Rather it is something that has already been done. It is all that we receive from God in Christ Jesus. Whether it’s salvation, healing, prosperity, or protection—in fact, every good thing.

According to the author, “If it hasn’t already happened, then there is a possibility that it won’t.”

It is therefore your responsibility to discover what God has already done or provided by grace—which is what His will is. When this discovery is made, it prompts a response, which is required and appropriate to deliver what has been discovered. This is what the Bible calls “faith”.

Trying to get God to do what He has already done is most times very frustrating. This may often time lead to discouragement. However, that you are discouraged is proof you haven’t been spending time meditating on God’s word.

Once you get back your focus on God, your feelings automatically re-align with God’s word—the source of Faith.

Some Erroneous Beliefs

Our faith moves God.

Sometimes you may be carried away to think that your faith moves God to react. No! It doesn’t. It is only a tool provided by God for every believer to appropriate or receive what He has already given to us, or made available for us.

God depends on us to make our desires available to us

Beginning from salvation, we never did anything to be called. It is not about what we did that brought us in, but rather what He did.

Prayer, Fasting, and Word Study move God

These activities are aides to help us reach and receive what God has already made available.

According to the author, we should grow up to understand that, God loves us. And that prayer, fasting, and word study aren’t to get him to love us more, but rather that we may partake and experience His love better.

Quote from_Living in the balance of balance of Grace and Faith by Andrew Wommack

Hindrances To Our Faith Receiving

Understanding truth is what majorly births faith in the life of a believer. And the major hindrance to understanding is SIN.

Sin will hinder your ability to understand truth. Its first effect is to make you spiritually retarded—very slow in developing. Next is to make your heart dull, hardened, cold, unfeeling, and insensitive towards God.

In conclusion, we have seen that Grace has made everything available for us to receive by Faith. We also saw a few errors in our belief system that may cause us to wander off from what faith and grace are and the implications of living in sin.

Finally, here’s my question for you.

Can you share an experience of God manifesting his love to you?

This book is available to buy or read on various online book stores, or you can get it from your local bookshop.

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape a Christian blogger, Teacher of God’s Word, Writer, and Youth Coach at Kingdom Books Reviews with a passion to spread the truth of God’s word about His Kingdom to young people all over the world. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Josiah thank you so much. Blessings and Peace!

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