For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fulness dwell.
Colossians 1:19

Since we heard of your faith and your love,
We give thanks to the Father above;
For the hope that is stored
In Christ Jesus our Lord;
As an anchor that nothing can move.

For by Him were created all things;
Whether thrones or the splendor of kings;
All dominion and power,
Which exist every hour,
Only live by the grace that He brings.

He has broken the wall that divides,
By His cross and the peace it provides;
Having once reconciled,
Every sin-tainted child;
Things on earth and in heaven besides.

He is head of the Church, His elect;
Every saint He will truly perfect;
As the Star of the morn,
He will come at the dawn,
With His bride in her garments bedecked.

The Lord has given Maurice Dyson a wonderful ability to take a passage of Scripture – a story, a Biblical character, a principle of truth – and present it in poetic form.

His aim in writing these poems is to teach people about the Lord and to draw us back into the Scriptures so that each of us would search out the wonderful things of God.

This poem is from his book 100 Poems of Praise: Christian Poetry to Praise God.

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