Many of us have been through different situations in our lives that have caused us all kinds of damage. And we need to be healed and delivered from these things—not just psychologically, but also spiritually. Because you can’t walk into the future God has in store for you if you are still carrying baggage from the past. Jesus desires that we be made whole and may this prayer lead you to a wholeness like never before. Leaving you new and improved by the Spirit of the living God.

Lord, I need to feel you right now. I have been hurt by a lot of things in my past. I want to feel your love now. What has happened in my past will not dictate my future.

I have made mistakes and I have done wrong things, but I am not going to carry it into my destiny. I am going to learn from it. I am going to grow from it. I am going to mature from it.

Take from my life any sin and any rebellion in things I have said, done, or even thought. Please remove that from me. I am sorry God. Wrap Your arms around me. Let me know that I am yours. Amen.

Prayer from Why Am I Not Healed? (When God Promised) by Glen Berteau.


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