A lady sat at my desk today, she had one head-on collision;
With hard times and uncertainty clouded her true vision.

The burdens were too heavy, trials much too hard as the tears began to flow;
“Why are all these things happening to me, I’d really like to know?”

“The harder I try the worse it gets.”
“There’s too much time gone and so many regrets.”

Her eyes emitted desperation one of those familiars cast by the master of illusion;
Which always leads to the wrong conclusion…

That your life is hopeless and there’s just no way to make repairs,
As we began to converse, she realized there was always Someone there.

Who feels your hurt, pain, and sorrow;
And if He wills you’ll see a brighter tomorrow,

In the light of joy and truth,
Which means there is living proof…

That when you call Him and sincerely pray;
The Lord will always make a way.

© c.f. leach, 1996. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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