A book’s interior is very important. A well-placed layout of a book makes the reading easy thus sending a positive message to the reader. The formatting of the interiors should be done before the cover design is completed. A well-laid-out book page is the one most readers prefer. When using pictures and photos it is imperative they blend with the subject matter of the book. A wrong design sends wrong signals to the readers and will keep your book on a shelf instead of in the reader’s hand.

To be a cut above the rest takes the creation of an original design that gives an edge over other publishers, which can be accomplished with a good graphic designer.

You should find an experienced graphic designer who offers services like book cover design, case wrap design, book jacket design, text layout, barcode, and image scanning. I have a phenomenal graphics designer out of Sri Lanka that seems to capture my book ideas immediately. A great graphic designer has to put much thought and planning into the design cover process. Having a good rapport with a great graphic designer, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance.

Why? Because your book is judged by its cover right from its conceptualization to the distributors, dealers, book stores, and finally the readers. Always strive to get the maximum potential out of your book cover and its interior pages. This is vital for your success as a published author.

There are two major elements observed concerning a best-selling book:

Design Element
That includes the book cover design, book layout, and interior pages.

Publishing Element
Editing, Copywriting, typesetting, illustration, and graphics.

Once all these tasks are performed then it is time for printing. Before doing that you have to observe a few things such as the spine width of the book cover which is determined by the number of pages in the book, what type of paper, what type of finish—gloss or matte; etc.

The next process is the book type whether it is hardbound or softbound. Once that is determined then you can submit your manuscript. depending on the software dynamics, with titles subtitles and headings, etc. For example, when submitting your manuscript to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) If your book does not contain bleed, you can upload your manuscript as a PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, or TXT file. Then upload your book cover separately and voila—you have a phenomenal book cover on a book ready for everyone to read!

Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…Blessings and Peace!

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  1. I just recently read something about this…About getting a professional who knows what they are doing. I agree and disagree, even though I do believe the cover has a lot to do with readership, I think some people can design their own. There are books that I have passed over because I didn’t like their covers.


    • I agree. But when you see how some book covers by famous authors were changed after the first was rejected— it makes you think more on the vein of professionalism versus do it yourself. And again, some book covers can be deceiving—which means you might pass over an excellent book but never know because the covers did not peek your interest and vice versa. I guess it all depends on the writer as well as the reader. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed and prosperous new week.


  2. I was told by a publisher that they would never publish my book “BARRIERS ( So, if prayers are so powerful, how come mine don’t get answered?)” because the title and cover were “too negative.” (The cover shows a brick wall and barbed wire – the way some of us feel about our relationship with God when the answer your prayers is “no.”) But when I sent a bunch of copies to a jail for a group study and they were accidentally placed on the book cart for the general population, they were snatched up before the intended recipients could get them. I guess it depends on your audience. 😏


    • SDP I agree with your hypothesis. But then again, you’d be surprised how many bestselling books first covers had to be redone before the book was ever even published.


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