Guest Post by Josiah Okheape

Everything of value has a great cost. The value of a thing is in the price paid for it. There is a price you must pay if God’s power is what you desire.

Today, my intentions are not to talk about other sources of power. As they all summed up, can’t equate to the power of God. I intend to show you the price for power with God the ultimate.

I bring you reviews from a book written by Roberts Liardon – The Price of Spiritual Power.

Our author in his book shows us 4 in-depth prices we must pay. If our desire for power with God is genuine. It is important to note that all you would ever need, Christ has paid for. But to appropriate these spiritual blessings to your life. You need a working knowledge of them and secondly a corresponding action of faith. Which may take different forms as you find in scriptures.

The Price For Power

1. Lay down your weights.

Weight is not necessarily sinning, Heb 12:2. But you have a tendency to value them above God’s instructions. Watching movies, especially when they are godly ones may not be a bad idea. But if you would place that over prayer, studying the word, or spending time with God. Then it’s a weight you must let go of.

Weights are things your flesh pleasures in. They add little or no value to your spirit but feed your flesh so strong. Paul described them in 1 Cor 6:12 as lawful, but not important. Good Sleep is from God to His beloved, but He doesn’t give slumber. That’s a weight, excessive sleeping. It will deny you of time with God.

These aren’t all, but weights are peculiar to individuals based on traditions, character, exposure, experience, etc, over some time. If you must walk in God’s power, you must lay your weights down.

2. You must be malleable or Yielded To God’s Spirit

In Isaiah 66:2, the Holy Spirit shows us that some people have developed the technology to attract Him. And what I find in them is the ability to turn at His reprove and bend to His commands.

The Lord seeks yielded vessels. Not those whose hearts mold are solidified. He seeks those he can teach, rebuke, and send. Whose hearts are not proud to use God for their selfish purposes. Those who spend quality time with God and His purposes.

God’s anointing is for the yielded. And the degree to which you are yielded to God will determine the power you can carry.

3. Die To Self

Dying to self is a process. With which God is very patient. It is the degree to which a man loses interest in his desires. And turns his interest to God’s instead. It can be measured according to the level of your obedience to God. Jesus said if following me is what you claim you are doing. Then you must carry your cross and follow Him Mark 8:34.

The cross is where self is hung. Each time by the revelation of the spirit you see self manifesting. You willingly crucify him on the cross. This is where many flee. Criticism can’t hurt a man who is already dead to self.

“The resurrection power of God can’t flow through a person until he is dead to self.”

Self represents ambitions, the things you seek apart from God. What you want apart from God. Me, Myself and I. If you desire God’s power, then it must be what He wants over self. John 12:24

4. Walking In The Spirit

When you are dead to self, the only thing that keeps you living is God’s presence within you. Walking in the spirit is following the Holy Spirit’s dictates for daily living over your flesh. This includes both His word and His voice to you. There comes a time, when you can do nothing without consciously communing with the Holy Spirit.

Every child of God is entitled to walk in and with power. And as you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit, your life becomes a platform for the manifestation of His power.

In this review, we have seen that you need the Power of God to have Dominion over life’s affairs. And that it is available to you in Christ. Through knowledge and corresponding faith actions. Such as Letting go of weights. Yielding to God’s will and purposes. Dying to self to seek God alone and walking in the spirit.

The book is a short but powerful piece and would help in your adventure into God’s power.

Please feel free to download a copy of The Price of Spiritual Power and grasp fully your heritage of Authority & Power in God.

This book review comes to us courtesy of Josiah Okheape a Christian blogger, Teacher of God’s Word, Writer, and Youth Coach at Kingdom Books Reviews with a passion to spread the truth of God’s word about His Kingdom to young people all over the world. Stop by and see what they have to offer. You just might be surprised. Josiah thank you so much. Blessings and Peace!

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