Have you ever gone through a season where folks tried to negate your self-worth?  You know—whatever you attempted to do had a negative spin put on it? In other words, your good was evil spoken of. (Romans 14:16-19) Do not let folks cause you to trip over your blessing and miss it!

Growing up you heard it and even now some are still hearing it—“You’ll never amount to anything!” Someone tried throwing you away like refuse with a rude “You’re not worth it!” A relationship went sour, for whatever reason; and the other person quit on you with a resounding “This is not worth it!” And perhaps they never even vocalized it. But their actions dictated the same.

It is at this moment you must stop trying to understand and start believing God’s word as if your life depended on it—because it does! For it is written: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10) Overcomers of lies, traps, and trials are the ones who have the authority to declare, decree and command. (Luke 10:19)

The psalmist writes: I will lift up my eyes to the hills. From whence comes my help?  My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth. (Psalm 121:1-2)

And when looking at those hills, all I can see is a silhouette of three crosses. Specifically, the one in the middle where Jesus decreed, “It is finished!” then gave up the ghost and hung his head.   It is here in this place, at the cross; I am reminded He thought I was worth it. We were all worth it in the Garden when he declared, “Not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:39-44) The weight of that cross was beyond heavy; with Roman law and the Jews’ judgment. But because God loved us so much—Jesus bore that cross for us all. For all our past, present, and future sins. That we might be reconciled unto God.

So just remember. The next time you start feeling worthless you are worth it. Even in your darkest days and deepest of nights—No weapon formed against you shall prosper. And every tongue that rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me, “Says the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

NEVER allow anyone to take away your self-worth or confidence in who you are. Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14) People’s opinions will come and they will go. But the word of God is eternal. (Matthew 24:35) Here you must pray. Seek God’s face; diligently submitting to His divine will. Knowing He will give you the best answer for your situation. Thus giving you a strategy to overcome the negative thoughts; the enemy so tactfully placed in your mind. R.C. Sproul writes, “It is the highest expression of faith to submit to the sovereignty of God.”

For there is a God who loves you so much that he gave His only begotten Son. Why? From the foundation of the world, He knew you would be worth it! (Revelations 13:8)

*Quote taken from ‘If It Be Your Will’ by R.C. Sproul

Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…Blessings and Peace.

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