Try to live your life as best you can
Always seek to do right as part of the plan…

The longer you’re here the more you will see
How life for you could truly be…

If you are determined to follow an example
Use the word of God for your sample…

Anything else will surely fail
And you’ll find yourself in one living hell…

With ghostly memories of sorrow, regret, and grief
Buried beneath them all—praying for some relief…

Inside your mind as you tunnel your way thru
Sifting out pieces of what’s left of you…

While constantly treading on mentality’s borders
In search of solace–seeking divine order…

That will make sense of the horrors you left behind
As you steadily try fitting into mankinds…

Definitions of success and such
When in reality is it just too much?

To sacrifice for that fifteen-minute time slot
That once forgotten didn’t really mean a lot…

If that time was not used to promote truth and what’s right
You’ve lost the purpose—you’ve lost the fight.

So if you want to win—come out on top
For the kingdom keep fighting and never stop!

© c.f. leach, 2021. Copyright protected. All rights reserved. Revised 09/25/2022.

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