On an old lonesome road a stranger I met;
It was self-pity the second cousin of regret.

The stranger introduced himself as I walked along the way,
And when he shook my hand all of my smiles and confidence ran astray.

He wanted to get closer, be right by my side…
As he stepped nearer he also stole my joy, happiness, and stride.

Further down the road we became acquainted with someone called Hope;
Self-pity wondered off—he just couldn’t cope,

Because Hope really wanted to be a true and sincere friend;
As we embraced all positive emotions crept right back in…

My weary soul, broken heart, and confused mind;
Even my lost smile was somehow easy to find.

For the feelings Hope brought about;
Seemed to erase the anguish, despair, and doubt.

Isn’t it strange, some of the friends we meet on life’s lonely avenue?
Who where you least expect it help you conquer that which you thought you could not do?

© c.f. leach revised 2022. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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