This book has been in my library for many years. I’ve read it and from time to time gone back to it for inspiration.

Some books are worthy of being read a second and sometimes even a third time. Depending on what life’s lessons you are learning or trying to navigate.

Wherever you are on life’s highway this book will meet you there. And it is with the great assurance you will want to and need some of the revelations in your spiritual arsenal. Has nuggets of information that will fill in some of the blanks.

Written by Eva Bell Werber, Quiet Talks with the Master, allows you to take an internal look at who you are as it relates to your personage in God and his road map to your destiny. This book demonstrates the mind of God as you surrender yourself to the simplicity of seeking Him out. (Matthew 6:33)

On healing she gives the key: “As the channel is free for My Entrance, freed of selfishness, narrowness, bigotry, lust, evil of all kind, it must also be filled with their opposites—love, unselfishness, and impersonal attitude, meekness, truth, honesty. All the fruits of the spirit must blossom there. Then and indeed then only, can the perfect inflow take place. Then and then only shall the perfect healing come.” (pg. 52)

Werber further writes, “Oh, My Beloved, how necessary that you live with the eye single, to the high purpose of your calling. But you have many helpers. No soul who enters the path is left to walk alone. So go on, day by day, with the light and assurance of My Love in your face. Mighty Ones whom you see not, are by your side. And the forces of darkness shall touch you not.”(pg. 54)

We give Quiet Talks With The Master

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comprised of 102 pages, this book walks hand in hand with the scriptures. Quiet Talks with the Master will give you insight into who you are and where you are going…as you search to find and fulfill your destiny.

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