Guest Post by Aaron M. Spelling

Every blog should invest heavily in email marketing. Email marketing is a form of marketing that allows you to communi- cate directly with your audience while cutting out the middleman. Unlike social media marketing, you are not reliant on a third party to pass on your message and won’t lose all your hard work if your members delete their accounts.

Moreover, email marketing will help you convert your readers far more efficiently than any other form of marketing. The simple reason is that email marketing is much more personal. These messages will end up right in your visitors’ inboxes – as if they were from a friend or relative.

But to do email marketing right, you must keep many things in mind. Read on for some of the essential pointers.

Be Personal

Tip number one is to ensure that your emails are personal. We have already just discussed that email marketing is more personal in tone – and you thus need to match that tone in your writing if you are going to make your emails more engaging and exciting.

But this has another advantage, too – it will help you get past the spam filter more efficiently and the ‘social’ and ‘marketing’ email boxes found on Outlook and Gmail. Use the recipient’s name (most autoresponders include this feature) and make sure that your messages use a regular letter-type structure.

Maintain Your List and Target

Your ‘Sender Reputation’ is a score linked with your IP address, and in much the same way, a credit score can be connected with a particular account. A sender’s reputation will reflect the quality of your emails and whether you should be allowed to ‘get through to your readers.

Many things will cause you to get a bad score. One of these things is your bounce rate, and if lots of your emails bounce, this can badly affect your score. Another thing is your open rate; if none of your emails get opened, this will hurt you. The same goes for complaints, of course.

So that means you need to focus on the quality of your list more than the size. Are these people reading your blog and asking to be heard? It’s why you must never buy contacts. Likewise, if you have people who never open your messages – delete them!

Use the Right Incentive

An incentive is a gift like an ebook or a report you give to new subscribers. This is an excellent tool for encouraging people to sign up, but it’s essential to be very careful when using it.

This is because the wrong incentive can harm your mailing list.

If it’s too valuable, people will sign up only to get the gift and never open your messages – very bad for the sender’s reputation!

We would like to thank Aaron for this post. Aaron’s website is entitled Learn 4 Free; it has a lot of information on a variety of subjects and free PLR content. Stop by and take a peek.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. Until next week…Blessings and Peace!

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