Oftentimes we feel both unhappy and anxious when we are determined to meet a specific goal. Especially if we allow our minds to wander. And certainly, we try everything in our power to keep this from happening to be our most creatively productive selves.

Does taking the time out from our daily objectives to consider what may or may not be realistic waste that time and prevent us from wisely using every moment productively?

I think not! Wandering minds sometimes called “zoning out”, can be incredibly refreshing for us. Because now it gives our minds time to work without the stressful pressure of our own conscious demands. And more times than not, your mind takes a mental coffee break from a controlled working environment to a more creative and efficient solution for your problems

By no means am I suggesting we zone out every day and expect our problems to be automatically resolved by our minds. That is not how this works. But when we give our minds the opportunity to healthily relax this allows our brains to work through some of the most difficult puzzles we focus on while seeking constructive solutions to these problems.

We all need a break from time to time.

Have you ever had a sudden clarity that came out of nowhere? You know a “voila” moment? These moments usually result from giving our minds the freedom to work independently without the pressure of focusing on something else. We all need a break from time to time. No matter how brilliant or creative one might be. Keeping your mind constantly working without a recharge will sometimes prove to be more harmful than good.

By no means is this writer inflecting that you should not be motivated when working towards your goals. But also realize that it is healthy when you allow yourself to take a break—staying open to problem-solving methods that may not necessarily be discovered through traditional methods.

When you open your eyes and are still laying in bed…

When you’ve already scheduled a little downtime is the ideal time to let your mind wander. When you open your eyes and are still laying in bed, your mind is already starting to process the dreams you had or the day ahead. And this can be a phenomenal time to let them wander. Or when you find yourself in the hot shower where the steam clears out those sinuses and your body starts to relax—let your mind relax with it!

The revelation is you never know when your inspiration might strike and if you are trying to constantly control it — it may never even happen for you. So stay creative and alert every once in a while by keeping your head in the clouds. You never know what you might see up there!

Until next week you wandering writers…Keep pecking those darn keys!!! Thank you for your continued readership and support.

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