Father, as I set at this desk today, I pray for all of those who are reading this post. That in the midst of all the noisesome pestilence in our lives You help us find our quiet place. As Jesus went into the mountains seeking quiet to pray. Please help us to understand and teach us how precious the place of solitude is. For it is as a specter — hard to grasp, Lord, sometimes feeling unreachable in our busy noisy lives.

LORD, please help us to learn how to take “time-out” from life and take a “time-in” with You. For You are the great I AM who said “Let there be…” and all creation was. You are He who holds the earth upon its axis and in You we live, we move, and have our being. While we are busy looking at our time clocks You aren’t because You live in eternity and You are thinking about us being in eternity with You. Help us to hear when You are calling us to come away with You into Your Secret Place. The realm of solitude that You have created with Your love and peace so that we can draw wisdom and strength from Your presence instead of looking to ourselves and others.

Forgive us for preferring being busy as a priority instead of You. The distractions of life absorb us so quickly that before we realize it the day is far spent and we either missed that morning prayer or seeking You first entirely. Help us to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Take off our blinders so we can be free to see the traps and bonds of the enemy’s strategies so that we may become overcomers as You have declared in Your word. (I John 5:5)

When we hear Your voice let our hearts be tender to get away even for a short while because in Your presence we can find the fullness of joy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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