How To Write A Free E-Book

An ebook can work for you in 2 different ways, and I encourage you to implement both techniques in each free ebook you write.

1) Promote affiliate links. Directly in your ebook promote affiliate links where necessary. You can delicately point out a product in the body of a particular chapter, evaluate an item as part of your ebook, or add an “Additional Resources” area to the end of the book.

2) Connect to your content site from your ebook. On your website, you can use additional information or a review page link. By sending your readers to your website, you have an opportunity to expose them to different affiliate products and have the chance to have them join your newsletter list.

Let’s take a peek at how you can get started on your first ebook. You can use a subject you are fairly knowledgeable about and develop a style for the book.

Someone searching for a work-at-home opportunity might be interested in how to spot a work-at-home scam and where to look for legitimate jobs.

Can you develop a simple outline or select some associated posts on a specific subject and group them together? Now all you have to do is finish and edit. Don’t forget to include your affiliate links. It is wise to keep the style of your font relatively large for the simplification of continuity when reading a computer screen.

Let’s discuss the format for a moment. You can purchase a software application to create an ebook or make it a PDF file.

PDF documents are practically compatible with any computer system, and individuals are more comfortable downloading them. I’m an Adobe baby and find it easy to compose my ebooks in Indesign, format them—including any photos or graphics, and then transpose them to PDF. You can do this with Adobe Acrobat Pro, the more user-friendly Microsoft Word, or find complimentary PDF creation software/services on the Internet.

I merely wanted to inform you that after the development of your ebook, the next most important thing is to get it circulating. Because the bottom line is you will not make any affiliate sales if no one reads your book. And ways of successfully doing this are…

3) Offer it as a free download. On your website offer it as a free download or as a reward for subscribing to your newsletter. It is also important to add a note in the footer on each page that the reader is welcome to pass the book along to others who might be interested in that specific subject.

4) A free giveaway. Offer your ebook as a free giveaway to other website owners and publish it on the free ebook directories. Then observe how well the book works for you. Within a couple weeks, you should see the return on your affiliate sales available. Then guess what? Time to move on to your next ebook.

Alright, let’s get those creative juices flowing and start pecking those darn keys! Until next week…Thank you for your continued readership and support.

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