Regret is one formidable foe
that makes it hard to let go…
Of all the possibilities from your sordid past
those moments you now wish somehow could last

Moments drifting through your brain
while you shed tears like pouring rain
Wanting to turn back the hands of time
to repair the wrongs and ease your mind…

Listening to all those nostalgic songs
that remind you of where you went wrong
Asking God to give you mercy and grace
so you can continue running this race…

To the finish line with faith and hope
Finally realizing that season of your life was no joke
But a beautifully orchestrated symphony of love
sent from our Father up above.

Now with a heart pierced through with unimaginable pain
feeling all is lost and there’s nothing left to gain
Grappling for any semblance of calm and serenity
as you hold on to what’s left of your sanity

Not knowing where to go now…
all you can do is bow
Down on bended knees
and pray that someday you will be set free.

© c.f. leach, 2023. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.


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