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Be Still and Know…

This is why the scriptures teach us to just stand. (cf. Ephesians 6:10-13) Because when you stand in righteousness the enemy is not fighting you—no, he is fighting God. Who holds all power of heaven and earth in his hands. Who has never lost a battle or a soul; even with the most remote odds.

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Where Is Your Faith?

Someone reading this post is in that same situation right now. You’ve been around negative people so long that you’ve regressed into believing that, “maybe God is still here, I’m just not sure.” So now your foundational belief system has a crack in it.

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He Came Without a Title, But a Towel

The miracles and greater works are in the Spirit Realm being held in the hand of God. Who is waiting for a people to apply his word daily. A people; who are hungry for his word, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who are humble and obedient to God alone.

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Who Do You Depend On?

We have been depending too much on people and not enough on God! Because we think in finite parameters instead of the infinite promises concerning God’s word to us. Here, we need revelation.

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Have you made a conscious decision that there is no better approach in your life than to bathe your day—to saturate the hem of your garments with prayer? The morning is intent on leading you into a deeper life of prayer. We must cover everything we do in prayer.

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Who Am I?

God is not a reactionary God—no, He is a God of action therefore your circumstances are defeated in his presence. Each facet of God contains the authority and power to deliver you from every situation at any given moment—For when He said “Let there be” there was! God does many things in different seasons, but at all times.

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How Did I Get Here?

I walked away from the church—not God, because I had become anguished by the repetitive formalism of church which, to me, had become nothing more than a religious production.