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Tag: #Philippians 4:6-8

Powerful Prayers 2

Prayer For Overcoming Doubt

When your emotions and thoughts are not on the same page you need to find a place of peace in order to be able to pray.

Blog 2

How Do You Find Peace?

Some situations in our lives make us feel like we’re in a pressure cooker. And although we may be smiling on the outside, on the inside we are about to implode. Some of us even suffer from anxiety attacks. Which are an outward manifestation of these inward problems.

Blog 4

Have You Lost Your Muchness?

Even though we were taught God does the impossible each and every day. The weight of so many disappointing moments was much heavier than our muchness could bear. As the alternative of fighting to maintain our muchness, we got lost in the pages of opinions and standards forced upon us by the frivolities of men.