Part I

Are you a member of the Most Unlikeable People’s Club? You know—the Outcasts? (Jeremiah 30:17) Do you have social leprosy? Are you always trying to hide the real you; just to be accepted by superficial folks who don’t even know who they are? Perhaps when the real you is revealed, you are constantly ostracized; because you do not conform to the definition of normality as it relates to society’s humanisms. Or maybe just maybe, you find yourself masquerading behind busy-ness as a form of self-therapy to ward off a spirit of anxiousness you have walked with for many years. (Philippians 4:6-8) Not realizing the persona you’ve acquired is from the mask; as the real you became buried deeper beneath the hidden emotional baggage.

And adding to this weight, you have a problem that is so horrendous you can’t share it with anyone. Not even those you think are closest to you for fear of betrayal. Because the last time you shared a secret, in anger, that person used it as a fiery dart. In an attempt to destroy your character and integrity, with no forgiveness in sight. Just merciless. So now you’ve cloaked your life in such secrecy, there is no one you can trust, except God. And at this point, of desperation, you are determined not to be denied. The revelation here is desperate times do deem desperate actions. Yet the quandary is ….You need a solution that defies human nature. How do you get it?

In other words, if God doesn’t step in you will lose everything; including your mind. The strategy—-you need to keep your focus and not get frantic. In this scenario ‘faith-determined’ is the prerequisite. You know, you are determined to get your breakthrough no matter what? Because faith has finally given you the strength to see past your circumstances.

And the Good News is…  Your looks, popularity, occupation, nationality, socio-economic status or connections have nothing to do with your faith in God. Nor how He chooses to bring you out of your predicament.

She was a Canaanite, a woman and a harlot.

Let’s use Rahab for example. During her time, she had three strikes against her. She was a Canaanite, a woman and a harlot. Her nationality, gender or occupation had nothing whatsoever to do with her faith. Being a harlot—today, as back then, many people would scoff her and would not want to be found in her company.  Did her decision of faith save her?

Or the woman with the issue of blood. Who had been in the same condition for twelve years. Ostracized by the church because of her condition. Did her faith heal her?

In what circumstance do you find yourself that would cause your faith to manifest a miracle?  People have said for years, “Seeing is believing.” But faith dictates “Believing is seeing.” (Hebrews 11:1)  You have to catch the revelation. Your faith in God must be on the rise, in order to annihilate the stumbling block that causes you to think negatively; about whatever predicament you find yourself. Jesus must be the real and living factor in your life. Not a specter to hide behind while pretending to be something you’re not. The more you pretend the less you gain. This masquerade party is over. You may do it on Facebook but not in the Good Book! Take a serious look in the mirror at your spirit. Pray and ask God to create in you a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within you. (Psalm 51:10) Still yourself and be faithful in all He reveals. You see, faith paves the way to a miracle.

See you next week for part two of this three part series. Blessings and Peace.

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