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Is This Your Test?

Sometimes when you stand for what is right and good you will find yourself in an alternate universe. Which is not altogether a bad thing. Again, it is all in perspective. Just keep in mind whether you feel your life is one of a prison environment with visible bars or no. Joseph thrived in prison. (Genesis 39:23) And so shall you

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How to Walk Through The Impossible and Win

We have all been in this desert place called the ‘Dunes of Forsakedness’; where we feel an overwhelming hopelessness and necessity for God to reveal the intensity of His power. This place is where the most painstaking decision must be made, and human intellect is absolutely useless.

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Have You Lost Your Muchness?

Even though we were taught God does the impossible each and every day. The weight of so many disappointing moments was much heavier than our muchness could bear. As the alternative of fighting to maintain our muchness, we got lost in the pages of opinions and standards forced upon us by the frivolities of men.

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Can You Walk On The Impossible to See God?

Are you having an on again off again relationship with Jesus? Since you are somewhat uncertain because you are overwrought by fear; instead of overtaking fear with faith? Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real—an apparition designed as a preventative measure.

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Can You See Anything In 2020?

When settling becomes your reality, you have just stepped on dangerous ground. Because in that place you will never know what God had for you. But in order to get anything from God you cannot settle for the ordinary. You must seek the extraordinary with faithful anticipation. This requires perseverance and a willingness to follow the Lord’s lead.