I’ve always walked on the road less traveled when it comes to movies. As the mainstream critics and I rarely agree. On the roadside, I found the movie Decision.

A pregnant wife—an angry and bitter son is in the thralls of grief, confusion, and pain. Due to the sudden death of Steve (Billy Dean), the husband and father of this once close-knit Connors family. Now it all seems to be falling apart.

If the loss of his father is not enough. Jackson (Mike Rosenbaum) is being tormented by a school bully and his cronies who are blaming Jackson’s father for the death of a local townswoman. And are telling him; he and his mother need to get out of town—no one wants them there. This is why, unknown to his mother, he has missed so many days of school. When Principal Foster (Randall Franks) drops by with the bad news, Jackson’s mother makes a decision. To have him spend time with his old school grandfather (Rusty Whitener)he doesn’t even know, to help get him back on the right track. His grandfather tells him “I don’t expect for you to stop grieving. I do expect you to pull up your bootstraps and get back to life! Understand?”

Now with Jackson gone, his mother, Ilene (Natalie Grant), is dealing with the possible loss of their family home and lawsuits. At the suggestion of Jackson’s principal, she goes by the local church to speak with Pastor Haywood (Steve Flanigan). Where she confesses her son’s hurt and her’s. She also admits not picking up a bible since she was fourteen years old. To which the pastor replies, “Well girl, I think it’s time you start reading again.” Ilene says, “The Bible?” To which Pastor Haywood retorts, “Yeah, that’s not just the words of our Savior. Those are the words of life!”

This movie deals with real-life issues with which we all contend and makes it relatable on many levels. Decision encompasses the film’s entire purpose. Which is, at some point in our lives we all have to make a conscious decision to let Jesus into our heavenly hearts.

A very moving film and so simplistic as to the core message. This simplicity has a cross-age appeal. It has on-point scriptures and reverence for Jesus Christ.

Decision can minister to the least of them. (Matthew 25:40) This movie was a breath of fresh air. It surprised me with the humble sincerity of a Christian film that is an ingredient you don’t find in some Christian films today.

This movie shows what happens when we take the pieces of our broken hearts and give them to Jesus. With forgiveness and faith, not only can he put those pieces back together again, but he makes you a new creature in Christ! (2nd Corinthians 5:17)

We give this movie 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. It can be seen on Tubi for free and for rent on Amazon Prime.

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