A father and daughter (Dior) living in a motel have recently lost a wife and mother to cancer.  All their belongings are in a storage shed, which the father uses as another means of income to supplement his job.  Upon their return to this storage bank the father makes the observation there is nothing left there worth pawning.

The next day as he is leaving work, Dior’s father (Bill Wetherill) is arrested for stealing tools placed in his toolbox by a co-worker bucking for a promotion. When her dad does not return home, Dior (Savannah McMahon) immediately packs up and runs; knowing Children’s Protective Services will be hot on her trail.

She goes to hide in the only place she knows to be safe—the storage shed. As she begins cleaning and arranging her new home she comes across a wooden box with a cross on it.  Upon opening the box a light flickers. Inside she finds an ink pen and some stationary. Dior quickly writes a letter to God thanking him for her new home and tells him she will stay there until He is finished with her father. She then sticks the letter to the ceiling. Upon awaking the next day, the letter she wrote to God is gone.

Managing to always stay one step ahead of Children’s Protective Services; Dior, through binoculars, notices the caseworker (Julie Van Lith) parked in a parking lot working a crossword puzzle. When the caseworker dozes off, Dior sneaks up to her car finishes the crossword puzzle and leaves her a note.  The note says, “You can stop following me. I’m doing fine. God takes care of me.”

In Dior’s box of faith, with each letter she writes to God; it is evident she truly believes He will take care of her and her father. Although she is being told her father is going to prison for a long time, she writes a letter to God concerning that matter too. You will have to watch the movie to find out the answer to this cliffhanger.

A Box of Faith will make you examine yourself. Especially when it comes to being thankful and trusting God. There is a scripture that says in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) If you never took this scripture under serious advisement this movie will truly make you think you should.

Box of Faith can be seen on Tubi for free and Amazon Prime for $0.99. We here at Rhemalogy give this movie a 4.5 rating. It can be seen by the entire family.

DirectorAuturo Gavino

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