A best friend is one of those folks;
Who when you’re in tears can tell a good joke

That brings a smile to your grim face;
After you’ve been buried by the human race.

They go that “extra mile” even though they don’t have to;
And it’s not for personal gain or some magazine review.

It’s a bond time and distance cannot seem to erase;
A kind word, birthday card or just a warm embrace.

Who when you’re victorious basks in the sun with you.
And when you feel defeated says, “No way, you aren’t through!”

A safe haven, your secret hide-away;
After your spirit’s been through some trying day.

A game of cards, your favorite drink in a chilled icy glass;
A person who’s unique in their own special class.

Ritz crackers, Swiss cheese, a PS video game;
Best friends need no introduction for they already know their names.

© c.f. leach, 1993. Copyright protected. All rights reserved.

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