“The power of prayer should not be underestimated.”

But, as we will learn in this movie, some prayers are best left unanswered. Through the years we’ve heard the saying, “Be careful what you ask God for.” And our main character, Betsy Simon, finds out how the latter can be and how far off our perception of God is at times.

If you are a writer, you will appreciate the main character’s feelings. If you are a Christian you will also understand. Sometimes we expect things to go one way yet they inexplicably go another; leaving us with all sorts of question marks over our head concerning God’s hearing our prayers.

Especially when you’ve been praying all of your life with no results; causing you to sometimes question your faith in God. If we’d waited patiently, the outcome would be just what we needed in our lives. Which Betsy realized at the end of the day.

Betsy (Karen Lesiewicz) had a lot of hope and prayer riding on her book Wishes Gets Her Wish. But her hope was taken and her prayer dashed cold when the publishers turn down her manuscript. After this disappointment she goes to church and asks God, “What have I done so bad in this life that you can’t answer one, just one of my prayers?” When she walks out of the church suddenly Betsy finds herself in an alternate universe. Upon walking into this new unknown world Betsy is introduced to a lot of unexpected transformations that have her scratching her head in wonder to say the least. But you’ll have to watch the movie to explore this new world with her.

This Christian-based comedy answers some real life questions about prayer and the consequences of our choices. Or as Pastor John (Jim O’Heir) so eloquently put it, “He may not always give you what you want and pray for, but he will always give you what you need.”

We like this movie because it has a good story line and all age groups can take something positive away. There is a Heavens to Betsy 2 follow-up we’re just waiting to see!

Originally released in 2017. The movie is 102 minutes long. We give it 4.5 stars. This is a film for the entire family. Available on Tubi, Amazon Prime, You Tube and Google Play.

Director: Robert Alaniz
Writer: Robert Alaniz (screenplay by)
Stars: Jim O’HeirKaren LesiewiczSteve Parks 

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