“Never underestimate the power of belief.”

I’ve always been a movie buff to a greater degree than most. Never was one for those larger than life trailers only to be disappointed at the box office.  Rarely went along with the populous— was always looking for the better film despite mainstream critics.

There was a saying that took hold in the US around the late nineties: What Would Jesus Do—abbreviated WWJD. There were more rubber arm bands and an assortment of goodies that were sold and it lasted for a moment, but just like everything else in our society—we got tired of the sayings and the tee shirts after a while.

But, some are die hards when it comes to the things of God and with that in mind, last night I watched WWJD II The Woodcarver the third installment of the WWJD franchise.

At the beginning of the movie you see this hooded figure, at night, defacing a church. Busting out the stain glass windows, destroying the sign, beating the shutters with a baseball bat and finally spraying the word LIAR in red paint on the side of the building. As he is destroying the church the camera keeps alternating between this attack and a man in a house sitting in his workshop. Depending on which side of the spectrum you’re standing; most would be appalled and some might applaud. But the question standing out in my mind… is this hooded specter calling the pastor a liar or God?

As the film begins unfolding we find out the hooded figure was a very troubled teen by the name of Matthew Stephenson, and the man inside the workshop is Ernest Otto, whose work Matty (Dakota Daulby destroyed. Matty vandalized the church because of the pain he was feeling from the inevitable divorce of his parents. And his parents seemed to spend more time arguing, among themselves, than paying attention to the issues their son was having. This is a plot of which most of us can relate. But the twist is after the pastor of this church calls a meeting between himself and Matthew’s family—the church decides not to press charges if he agrees to repair the damages he made.

The anchor of this movie is Otto, played by John Ratzenberger, who invites Matthew to help him with his wood carving business as restitution for his crime. Matthew wasn’t pleased with the proposition at first. But the more his parents became entrenched in their continual arguments; the more appealing the offer begins to look. So appealing he moved in with Otto where the most unlikely friendship ensues. And because of this, not only is Matthew’s hurts healed, but his parents became part of this healing process. With the anthem of WWJD as the primary focus of true Christians who are really trying to walk the path of Christ; there’s more than meets the eye to this movie. But you will have to watch it to find out.

Originally Released in 2011, this film is 90 minutes long. Rated PG.
Director: Terry Ingram
Writers: Thomas MakowskiJack Nasser | Kevan Otto .
Stars:John RatzenbergerDakota DaulbyWoody Jeffreys.

Can be seen on Prime Video.

This is a must see. I give it a 5 star rating.